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Metaspion is a departure from Morten Richter’s glam rock past. He felt rock n roll didn't make sense anymore and needed reinvention. His passion for both folk music and electronic music would eventually lead to a new folktronica solo project. It's a fusion of the old and the new: traditional Scandinavian folk music and the quintessentially modern genre of electronic dance music or EDM.


Richter plays the majority of the instruments on the album himself with the occasional guest appearance. Like DJ's today, the fiddler was the star of the party in the 1800's and provided music people could dance to, even capturing them in a trance-like state. That’s what Richter hopes to achieve with Metaspion; “I want to bring those vibes and that energy into the electronic music today and combine it with crazy new sounds.”


Metaspion released «Folktronika Schmolkfonika» in June 2018 and got a number of great reviews. Richter continues to develop his style and his new goal is simple: “I want to make people dance and to make younger people curious to check out more of the wonderful treasures that are to be found in Norwegian folk music and folk dance. The music is still relevant.”


-Chris Auman

Metaspion stands out in the world of independent musicians and has quite the journey ahead if he chooses to stick with creating art from the heart.     

-   Lifebeyoundthemusic         

A perfect album. I had the urge for repeating the songs again. Metaspion is a wiser take on Electronica and I doubt this would go unnoticed. - 8,5/10 stars


The very definition of experimental music. The tracks quickly go from trad music to electronic music without remorse.


 "I’m enjoying it, but this isn’t normal, right?”

- Big Sky State Buzz

It not only works, it's absolutely beautiful!

-A&R Factory

Norwegian Metaspion is an eccentric musician, to say the least. He combines traditional Scandinavian songs with parts of folk and parts of electronic music that’s boils together. He’s like Beck, but far stranger, Gothic, and more Scandinavian.


Norwegian electronic artist Metaspion is notorious for seamlessly blending EDM with traditional folk


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